Greg Swindle
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  1. Realize business strategy by analyzing, architecting, developing, integrating, and coordinating enterprise-level applications with technologies that optimize and monetize business operations.
  2. Act as a technology liaison between senior leadership and development staff to facilitate communication and coordinate solutions.
  3. Design, source and build analytics frameworks to drive and measure business performance.

DMTS - Systems Engineering at Verizon
October 2011 — Present

Verizon ERP/Intranet portal integration architect

Coordinate, design and architect many PeopleSoft 9.1 (PeopleTools 8.52) integrations with Oracle Weblogic, including:

  • Business event and task notifications ("To-dos")
    • Co-architected and coordinated a JMS-based solution for sending business event and task notifications from PeopleSoft to the enterprise HR portal.
    • Designed, developed and documented the B_TODO PeopleSoft application package API to produce to-do JMS messages
    • Coordinated testing with PSUnit, the PeopleSoft unit testing framework
  • Self-service operational reports and analytics - Architected, designed, and coordinated the B_ANALYTICS API for
    • Operational reports, which HR administrators use to identify and troubleshoot problematic transactions
    • Analytical reports, which combine browser clickstream data with PeopleSoft database transactions to produce funnel reports that show abandonment and business process completion times for transactions that span multiple visits and approval steps.
  • UI engineering - Development lead and architect for user-interface development, including the b_vzdUtil JavaScript API.
  • Performance lead - Coordinated teams to ensure that Manager and Employee self-service "workspace" (landing) pages met the Verizon SLA load-time.
  • Verizon CSS branding - Conditionally apply the Verzion look-and-feel to PeopleSoft pages using CSS and global JavasScript (in the HTML object PT_PAGESCRIPT whenever a PeopleSoft page occurs outside of its native PeopleSoft portal.
  • Iframe UI integration - Ensured both the Weblogic and PeopleSoft pages conformed to same-origin policy in order to avoid cross-site scripting errors. Now PeopleSoft pages are nearly indistinguishable for other Web pages.
  • Requirements gathering - Captured business process requirements in
    • UML activity diagrams
    • Use cases
    for offshore implementation.

Internet access to firewalled, internal services

Apache reverse proxy with mod_security - Coordinated the configuration and security review of a project that opens PeopleSoft forms to Verizon new hires, so that employees can complete paperwork before their first day on the job.

Senior Web Technologist at Verizon
June 2000 — October 2011, Irving, TX

    HR Technology Team Lead

  • Lead a team of developers creating HR intranet applications to improve the productivity of all employees.
  • HR Portal integration project technical lead; wrote requirements & specifications; coordinated moving all HR content into version control (Subversion) and into IBM WebSphere Portal Server. To support this effort, I architected & oversaw:
    • Folksonomy survey application: an application that allowed users to "tag" any resource—mainly Web pages—with keywords & phrases. These tags were loaded into a search "auto-suggest" database, and were available for taxonomy data mining, i.e., to determine how users conceive the business.
    • Centralized redirection application: an application that redirected users from retired/expired intranet pages.
    • Content Management analysis & process optimization: specified all stages of portal content management on a Wiki, and targeted stages for improvement through automation. Oversaw integration of our version control repository with an issue-tracking system.
  • Internet access to internal HR resources -

    Coordinated efforts to avail HR applications via a Juniper SSL-VPN.

  • Coordinated legal reviews of HR copy
  • Worked with teams to modify applications to render properly in the SSL-VPN rewrite proxy
  • Developed applications to capture copy reviews
  • Wrote a JavaScript "Extranet" API/library for common UI integration issues
  • Performance Management and Performance Improvement Planning - Co-designed and led enterprise-wide Performance Management and Performance Improvement Web applications, in which Verizon management enters objectives and assesses employee. Assessment results integrate with Verizon payroll (PeopleSoft ERP) and an OLAP data warehouse. An automated agent sends an e-mail to supervisors of poorly performing employees to encourage the creation of Performance Improvement Plans.
  • Process Portal designer & architect: leading the parallel effort of workflow modeling and re-orchestration of HR information and applications into Web-based Wizard interfaces for business process improvement, cost avoidance, and productivity increase.
  • "Do It Now/Show Me How:" Created & implemented a common user interface idiom that deep links users to the beginning of a business process ("Do It Now" or "Take Action"). Every "Do It Now" link is coupled with a "Show Me How"Abode Captivate tutorial that guides users through the process step-by-step.

  • e-Commerce Software Developer at PriMedium
    November 1999 — June 2000, Dallas, TX

    Developed an e-Commerce site for Cavendar's Boot City using Microsoft Site Server.

    Intern, Web Development, at GTE
    June 1998 — November 1999, Irving, TX

    Worked on core team developing and integrating all scattered GTE Human Resources information.

    ESL Instructor at Catholic Charities
    February 1994 — June 1999, Dallas, TX

    Taught competency-based English as a Second Language to Vietnamese, Iranian, Bosnian, and Somali refugees.

    Enterprise Application Integration

    • AJAX (UI integration)
    • JMS

    Domain Design & Application Architecture

    Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

    • Configuration Management (full, ITL project lifecycle management)
    • Content Management
    • Data Mining
    • Domain-Driven Design
    • Model-View-Controller
    • UML 2.0

    Data & Persistence

    • ORM (Object/Relational Mapping) CodeIgniter (PHP), Spring/Hibernate (Java), ActiveRecord
    • RDF & the Jena Semantic Web Framework
    • SQL (MySQL, T-SQL & PL/SQL)
    • XML

    Business Modeling & Design Patterns

      Fluent in GoF, application integration & Web-based standards, solutions and naming conventions to common problems in software objects, and communication flow and demonstrate their business application and value.

      Example application: I'm working on a PHP Rule Engine , a forward-chaining inference engine using CodeIgniter to create a Rule layer for use in an MVC framework.

    Software Configuration Management

    • Agile Software Development

      I introduced eXtreme Programming to Verizon Human Resources, which is a software development methodology that embraces and promotes evolutionary change throughout the entire life-cycle of software projects. To this day we practice:

      • Daily stand-ups
      • Pair programming
      • Collective design & planning
      • Continuous integration with unit testing
      • Small, iterative releases
      • Coding standards
      • Collective code ownership
      • Simple design
      • Sustainable development pace

      In keeping with Domain-driven design, however, we still do up-front design and requirements gathering (as use cases), and we use the UML (e.g., class & activity diagrams) & wikis to aid communication.

    • ProjectDocWiki

      ProjectDocWiki standardizes the way software project participants, account managers, developers, customers, partners, project owners, observers, and QA personnel access software project documentation. It uses JSPWiki and TinyMCE to maintain reusable ReadySET software engineering document templates to help project participants work quickly, prompt discussion, avoid oversights and communicate rapidly and consistently. Finally, each ProjectDocWiki has an associated Scarab issue tracking site. See the Scarab entry below for details.

    • Scarab Issue Tracker

      Scarab is a highly configurable issue tracking tool that can be configured to express the workflow processes of projects by defining issue types and attributes. Each Scarab issue tracker has an associated ProjectDocWiki for project documentation. See the ProjectDocWiki entry above for details.

    • Subversion version control

      The heart of SCM is version control. I use Subversion for all non-.NET work, i.e.:

      • Java projects,
      • Verizon HR portal content,
      • and for my personal code library.
    • Visual Source Safe version control

      Version control is the heart of SCM. I use Visual Source Safe for all .NET projects.

    Programming & Markup Languages

    • C#
    • CSS

      I have extensive experience with Zen CSS, and I've lead an effort rebrand PeopleSoft with the Verizon design. This resume itself exemplifies the power of CSS.


      Fluent in XHTML & browser DOMs; I wrote the HTML source for this resume by hand.

    • Java
    • JavaScript

      I'm an advanced javascript programmer, and I'm fluent in several libraries, such as

      • jQuery
      • jQuery UI
      • JSON2
      • Underscore
      • Backbone
      • prototype
      • scriptaculous
      • Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)
    • PHP

      To save time, money, and time to market, we deploy PHP applications like:

      • Drupal - I've built three Drupal e-Commerce sites with Ubercart
      • ExpressionEngine
      • phpwcms
      • WordPress - my music blog is a WordPress instance.
    • Prolog

      Some problems, like language parsing and logical inference, can be solved more easily with non-traditional languages. As a technologist, I find the best tool for the problems.

    • Python

      Python is my everyday scripting language of choice. I use it to generate database export files & to automate portal content version control.

    • RDF
    • Ruby
    • SQL (MySQL, PL-SQL & T-SQL)
    • XML
    • XPath
    • XSLT

    Web Analytics

    • I've written custom PeopleCode reports to measure the average execution time of HR transactions
    • Extensive experience with
      • Google Analytics (including e-Commerce)
      • WebTrends
      • AWStats
      • Piwik

    Applications, Frameworks & Servers

    • Adobe Captivate
    • Apache
    • CodeIgniter
    • Drupal
    • ExpressionEngine
    • IIS
    • JSP (e.g., Tomcat & WebSphere Application Server)
    • JSPWiki
    • .NET
    • PHP

      To save time, money, and time to market, I deploy PHP applications like:

      • Drupal
      • WordPress
    • phpwcms
    • ProjectDocWiki

      ProjectDocWiki standardizes the way software project participants, account managers, developers, customers, partners, project owners, observers, and QA personnel access software project documentation. It uses JSPWiki and TinyMCE to maintain reusable ReadySET software engineering document templates to help project participants work quickly, prompt discussion, avoid oversights and communicate rapidly and consistently.

    • Scarab (Issue Reporting System)
    • Subversion
    • WebSphere Application Server & Portal Server
    • WordPress
    Honors BS in Interdisciplinary Studies — Linguistics, Biology & Chemistry, University of Texas at Arlington, December, 1999.
    • Project manager of PHPRules - Created and foster an international open-source project of a forward-chaining inference engine for PHP.
    • Music - Maintain a music blog and play the Dumbek.
    References and additional contact information available upon request.