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5-HTP Wilderness

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


As an auditory supplement, listen often with friends or with headphones.

Listen to “5-HTP Wilderness:”


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[01] PANGAEA: 5-HTP {Hessle Audio}

[02] NICK HOEPPNER, LEE JONES: Brush Me Down (Lee Jones Remix) {Ostgut Ton}

[03] TIEFSCHWARZ: Find Me feat. Cassy {Souvenir Music}

[04] LUCA CAZZONI: Deep Side – Let’s Go Outside Dub {Slant Records}

[05] CLAUDE VON STROKE, BRUNO PRONSATO: Monster Island – Bruno Pronsato Remix {dirtybird}

[06] MARTIN BUTTRICH: Back It Up {Desolat}

[07] RAU, BON: Cloverleaf Days {Smallville Records}

[08] PETE GROVE, NOAH PRED: No Relief – Noah Pred No Vox Dub {Thoughtless Music}

[09] GREG PARKER, TERRY LEE BROWN JR.: Journey {Lovezone Records}

[10] Snake Cave {Horizontal Ground}

[11] KINK: Bitter Sweet {Liebe Detail}

[12] TRUS’ME: Sweet Mother {Fat City}

[13] CLARO INTELECTO: New Life {Modern Love}

[14] PAWEL: Alvin {Dial Records}

[15] DORIAN PAIC: Beautiful {Raum…Musik.}

[16] AREA: Missing A Few {Wave Music}

[17] PETRE INSPIRESCU: Sad And Sand {[a:rpia:r]}

[18] KYLE HALL: You Know What I Feel {Hyperdub}

[19] AIRHEAD, JAMES BLAKE: Lock In The Lion {Brainmath}

[20] JAMES BLAKE: The Bells Sketch {Hessle Audio}

[21] LEYLAND KIRBY: Days In The Wilderness {History Always Favours The Winners}