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Space, Tomorrow

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Space, Tomorrow




SpaceTomorrow.mp3 (1:06:32 @ 320 kps mp3; 156 MB).


[01] CV313Seconds To Forever {echospace [detriot]}

[02] MARTIN SCHULTESame Days {Lantern}

[03] SEPALCURE No Think {Hotflush Recordings}

[04] T++Anyi {Honest Jon’s Records} vs.

[05] ANDREAYou Got Me {Daphne}  vs.

[06] ANDUIN, JASPER TXA Beam Of Light Bends Back Upon Itself {SMTG}

[07] JICHAEL MACKSONSpace {Ilian Tape}

[08] MARK HENNINGCollider {Cityfox} vs.

[09] PAWEL, PATRICE SCOTTCrillon (Sistrum Remix) {Dial}

[10] ROMAN FLUEGELHow To Spread Lies {Dial}

[11] LOSOUL, BROTHERS’ VIBE – Up The Beach (Altered Vibe Mix) {Playhouse}

[12] THE TIMEWRITERWasteland {Neurotraxx Deluxe} vs.

[13] PORTABLELife Magically Is {Perlon}

[14] STABLOUntitled B {Stablo}

[15] BIOGROUNDI Want U 2 B True {Vivid Trax}

[16] RMDNHideaway (Dub) {Laid}

[17] YOUANDEWAN – Eidolon {Magicbag Music}

[18] MADTEO – Untitled 2 {Workshop}

5-HTP Wilderness

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


As an auditory supplement, listen often with friends or with headphones.

Listen to “5-HTP Wilderness:”


…or download it (1:19:43 @ 320 kps mp3; 182.5 MB).

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[01] PANGAEA: 5-HTP {Hessle Audio}

[02] NICK HOEPPNER, LEE JONES: Brush Me Down (Lee Jones Remix) {Ostgut Ton}

[03] TIEFSCHWARZ: Find Me feat. Cassy {Souvenir Music}

[04] LUCA CAZZONI: Deep Side – Let’s Go Outside Dub {Slant Records}

[05] CLAUDE VON STROKE, BRUNO PRONSATO: Monster Island – Bruno Pronsato Remix {dirtybird}

[06] MARTIN BUTTRICH: Back It Up {Desolat}

[07] RAU, BON: Cloverleaf Days {Smallville Records}

[08] PETE GROVE, NOAH PRED: No Relief – Noah Pred No Vox Dub {Thoughtless Music}

[09] GREG PARKER, TERRY LEE BROWN JR.: Journey {Lovezone Records}

[10] Snake Cave {Horizontal Ground}

[11] KINK: Bitter Sweet {Liebe Detail}

[12] TRUS’ME: Sweet Mother {Fat City}

[13] CLARO INTELECTO: New Life {Modern Love}

[14] PAWEL: Alvin {Dial Records}

[15] DORIAN PAIC: Beautiful {Raum…Musik.}

[16] AREA: Missing A Few {Wave Music}

[17] PETRE INSPIRESCU: Sad And Sand {[a:rpia:r]}

[18] KYLE HALL: You Know What I Feel {Hyperdub}

[19] AIRHEAD, JAMES BLAKE: Lock In The Lion {Brainmath}

[20] JAMES BLAKE: The Bells Sketch {Hessle Audio}

[21] LEYLAND KIRBY: Days In The Wilderness {History Always Favours The Winners}

An Indomitable Desire For It

Monday, June 30th, 2008


Listen to “An Indomitable Desire For It” Now:

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…or download “An Indomitable Desire For It.”


  1. MISS FITZ: Drifting On {Contexterrior}
  2. DEEPCHORD: Spacecho Dub {echospace [detroit]}
  3. CASSY: Poem {Uzuri}
  4. BVDUB: Untouchable {Night Drive Music}
  5. BEAT PHARMACY: Drifter – Dub Mix {Deep Space Media}
  6. SCREECH: Belle De Jour {Night Drive Music}
  7. DEEPCHORD: Echospace Reform {echospace [detroit]}
  8. NEUROTRON: Close To The Source {Neurotron Music}
  9. KRIS WADSWORTH: Sorta Down {Morris / Audio}
  10. GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS: They Only Come Out At Night – Horror Inc Remix {Musique Risquée}
  11. NEUROTRON: After The Rain {Neurotron Music}
  12. LANGENBERG: Estate {Sthlmaudio Recordings}
  13. THE PER ECKBO ORCHESTRA: Kodo Verano {Oslo}
  14. HENRIK SCHWARZ & AMAMPONDO: I Exist Because Of You (Dixon’s Stripped Down Version) {Innervisions}
  15. PROMPT: Toucan {7noise}
  16. JOSH WINK: Stay Out All Night – Organ Mix {Ovum Recordings}
  17. GREG PARKER: Back To Me {Plastic City}
  18. JORGE SAVORETTI, SEUIL: Fatissimo {igloo-rec} vs.
  19. GREGOR TRESHER: Break New Soil (Daniel Stefanik Remix) {Moon Harbour Recordings}
  20. VLADISLAV DELAYANDY STOTT: Recovery IDea (Andy Stott remix) {Semantica Records}
  21. GREG PARKER: Turn Over {Plastic City}
  22. PEACE DIVISION: Theory {Tsuba Records}
  23. DEEPCHORD: Convextion Remix {echospace [detroit]}

Why Don’t You? (Bardo Thodol)

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

An unfolded hypercube kite floats above the hidden laughter of children “Or say that the end precedes the beginning,
And the end and the beginning were always there
Before the beginning and after the end.
And all is always now.”– T.S. Eliot. Excerpt from part V of of “Burnt Norton” from Four Quartets.

Listen Now to “Why Don’t You? (Bardo Thodol)”

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…or download “Why Don’t You? (Bardo Thodol)”


  1. BURIAL: Untrue {Hyperdub}
  2. PHEEK: Kamakura {Sunset Diskos}
  3. RICARDO VILLALOBOS: Mecker {Fabric (London)}
  4. RICARDO VILLALOBOS, JORGE GONZALES: 4 Wheel Drive {Fabric (London)}
  5. DIGITALINE: Honolulu – Laps’ Khamehameha II Version {Cadenza}
  6. MICHAL HO: Saftwerk {Tuning Spork Records}
  7. SLG: Ssswing {Trapez}
  8. MICHAL HO: Stop, Start {Tuning SporkRecords}
  9. PLASTIC OPERATOR: Why Don’t You? – Jesse Rose and Oliver Remix {Fine Day Records}
  10. PAN-POT: Threesixty {Mobilee Records} feat. T.S. Eliot reading part V of “Burnt Norton” from Four Quartets
  11. SZENARIO: Pleaseasy – Raudive Remix {Leftroom Records}
  12. KAMISSHAKE: Dark Beat – Deadmau5 Vocal Mix {Azuli Records}
  13. DANTON EEPROM: Confessions Of An English Opium-Eater {InFiné}
  14. ELLEN ALLIEN: Go – Marcel Dettmann Remix {BPitch Control}
  15. BJÖRN WILKE: R U Ready Ralph? {Level Non Zero}
  16. PHEEK: 5am (Little Surprise) – Butane Remix {Archipel}
  17. OLIVER HACKE: Millepieds {Level Records}
  18. BURIAL: Archangel {Hyperdub}

Foxy Dehalledretro

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

leaf“Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past….
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.”

Listen Now:

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…or download Foxy Dehalledretro.


  1. DAPAYK SOLO: Dehalledretro vs. T.S. Eliot (“Burnt Norton” excerpt from “Four Quartets”) {Cadenza}
  2. COBBLESTONE JAZZ: Peace Offering {!K7 Records}
  3. SERAFIN, ROMAN BRUDERER: Dream Sequence {Mountain People}
  4. MARLOW, CLAUDIA NEHLS: Water – Marlow’s Cutz & Pieces {Moon Harbour}
  5. AFRILOUNGE: Tribute {Connaisseur Recordings}
  6. SKI OAKENFULL: Illuminations – Milton Jackson Mix {Primaudial Records}
  7. JOERG BURGER: Polyform 1 {Kompakt}
  8. STIMMING: Getting Out Of Something {Diynamic}
  9. H.O.S.H.: White Elephant {Kindisch}
  10. KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE: Tristesse {Connaisseur Recordings}
  11. GAISER: Withdrawl {Minus}
  12. SUBSTANCE, VAINQUEUR: Resonance {Scion Versions}
  13. EFDEMIN: Stately, Yes. {Dial Records}
  14. DEEPCHORD: Celestialis {Modern Love}
  15. BOXCUTTER: Foxy {Planet Mu}