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5-HTP Wilderness

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


As an auditory supplement, listen often with friends or with headphones.

Listen to “5-HTP Wilderness:”


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[01] PANGAEA: 5-HTP {Hessle Audio}

[02] NICK HOEPPNER, LEE JONES: Brush Me Down (Lee Jones Remix) {Ostgut Ton}

[03] TIEFSCHWARZ: Find Me feat. Cassy {Souvenir Music}

[04] LUCA CAZZONI: Deep Side – Let’s Go Outside Dub {Slant Records}

[05] CLAUDE VON STROKE, BRUNO PRONSATO: Monster Island – Bruno Pronsato Remix {dirtybird}

[06] MARTIN BUTTRICH: Back It Up {Desolat}

[07] RAU, BON: Cloverleaf Days {Smallville Records}

[08] PETE GROVE, NOAH PRED: No Relief – Noah Pred No Vox Dub {Thoughtless Music}

[09] GREG PARKER, TERRY LEE BROWN JR.: Journey {Lovezone Records}

[10] Snake Cave {Horizontal Ground}

[11] KINK: Bitter Sweet {Liebe Detail}

[12] TRUS’ME: Sweet Mother {Fat City}

[13] CLARO INTELECTO: New Life {Modern Love}

[14] PAWEL: Alvin {Dial Records}

[15] DORIAN PAIC: Beautiful {Raum…Musik.}

[16] AREA: Missing A Few {Wave Music}

[17] PETRE INSPIRESCU: Sad And Sand {[a:rpia:r]}

[18] KYLE HALL: You Know What I Feel {Hyperdub}

[19] AIRHEAD, JAMES BLAKE: Lock In The Lion {Brainmath}

[20] JAMES BLAKE: The Bells Sketch {Hessle Audio}

[21] LEYLAND KIRBY: Days In The Wilderness {History Always Favours The Winners}

Lovers Leap

Friday, March 12th, 2010


Lovers Leap on the Bosque River, Waco, Texas USA



[01] MATT TOLFREY, INXEC: Decisions {murmur}

[02] TINI: That’s Right {Desolat}

[03] MARK HENNING:  The Right Time {Hypercolour} vs. JEFF SAMUEL: Lip Service {Trapez}

[04] KABALE UND LIEBE: Lost In Thoughts {Remote Area}

[05] TERRY LEE BROWN JR., GREG PARKER: We All In This {Lovezone Records}

[06] LOSOUL: Time.. Passes – Dyed Soundroom’s Code Quantum Remix {Freak n’ Chic}

[07] BRUNO PRONSATO: The Make Up The Break Up – Part 2 {Thesongsays}

[08] BRUNO PRONSATO: The Make Up The Break Up – Part 3 {Thesongsays}

[09] D5: Sides Of Space {Delsin Records} vs. PEVERELIST: Junktion {Tectonic}

[10] 19.454. Ghosts On Acid {Horizontal Ground}

[11] MARCUS VECTOR: Show Me The Roof {Contexterrior}

[12] RILEY REINHOLD:  I Remember feat. Cosmic Sandwich {MBF ltd}

[13] REAGENZ: Shibuya Day {Workshop}

[14] PETRE INSPIRESCU: Actiune! {[a:rpia:r]}

[15] DELANO SMITH: Road To Nowhere {Mixmode Recordings}

[16] LOWTEC: Angstrom {Polyfon}

[17] STEFFI: Kill Me – Crushed Soul Mix {Osgut Ton}

[18] PANGAEA: Why {Hessle Audio}

[19] COBBLESTONE JAZZ: Chance {Wagon Repair}

[20] JAMES JOHNSTON: She’s Gone {Kolour Recordings Digital}

[21] SILICONE SOUL: Language Of The Soul – 12 Inch Mix {Soma Quality Recordings}

[22] MOUNT KIMBIE: Fifty Mile View {Hotflush Recordings}


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download it. (Right-click and save.)
1:29:22 – 204.4 MG – 320 kbps – 48.0 kHz

Will I Remain?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009




…or download Will I Remain? (right-click and save).


[01] THE BOATS: Raindrops (Second) {Home Normal}

[02] ANTON LANSKI: Thoughts Pleiades – Original Mix {Neurotron Music}

[03] BLACK JAZZ CONSORTIUM: What’s Up With The Love? {Soul People Music}

[04] KATE SIMKO: Take You There (feat. Brenda D) {Spectral Sound}

[05] MICHAEL J. COLLINS: Lotion Pants (With Sass) – Original Mix {Wolf + Lamb Music}

[06] PEPE BRADOCK: Path Of Most Resistance {Atavisme}

[07] ALI NASSER: Ooof – Original Mix {Soweso}

[08] THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE: Mountain008.1 – Original Mix {Mountain People}

[09] SILICONE SOUL: Language Of The Soul – Sei A Remix {Soma Recordings}

[10] DIMI ANGELIS, JEROEN SEARCH: Our Live With The Wave – Original Mix {Smallville Records}

[11] BRENDON MOELLER: The Boost {Connaisseur Recordings}

[12] SHINEDOE: Finding A Balance – Matthias Meyer Remix {Intacto}

[13] CHRISTIAN BURKHARDT: Shui – Rick Wade Remix {Deep Vibes}

[14] SASCHA DIVE: The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues – Original Mix {Raum…Musik.}

[15] ANDRE LODEMANN: Vehemence Of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective) {Room With A View}

[16] SOMFAY: Amo Alucinor – Original {Archipel}

[17] NICK SOLE: World Dubbing – Original Mix {Mojuba}

[18] LET’S GO OUTSIDE: Machismo (Rico Casazza Remix) {Soma Recordings}

[19] THE BOATS: Maps Of Nowhere {Home Normal}

[20] SOMFAY: Hypnogogii – Original {Archipel}

[21] MANUEL TUR: On The Radio {Freerange Records}

[22] SOLO ANDATA: Ablation – Swindle Killed Strings Edit {12K}

[23] MICK RUBIN: Hongkong {Musik Gewinnt Freunde}

“Every Man and Every Woman is a Star”

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Laughter is good for the soul
“Release yourself from the passion of results.” – Aleister Crowley

Listen to “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star” Now:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

…or right-click to download “Every Man and Every Woman is a Star.”


[01] CASSY: For You – (Real Raw Remix By Jus Ed) {Uzuri Recordings}

[02] SO INAGAWA: Sekito (Original Mix) {minimood}

[03] JOESKI: Orgasmic (Original Mix) {NRK}

[04] MELCHIOR PRODUCTIONS: Feel Sensual (Bahia Mix) {Perlon}

[05] PEVERELIST: Junktion – Original Version {Tectonic}

[06] MARCEL DETTMANN: Shatter Proof {Marcel Dettmann Records}

[07] PETE NAMLOOK: Subharmonic Atoms – Pepe Bradock Remix 1 {Macro}

[08] THE ORB: Little Fluffy Clouds {Island Records}

[09] KRIS WADSWORTH: Ripped Open {Morris Audio}

[10] MANUEL TUR: Vabanque – Stimming Remix {Freerange Records}

[11] BLACKPOCKET: Ure A Star – Martyn Remix {Fat City Records}

[12] DJ KOZE: Let’s Love {International Records Recordings}

[13] SOLOMUN: No Comment {Dessous Recordings}

[14] SASSE: New Sun Day {Mood Music Records}

[15] RICARDO VILLALOBOS: Minimoonstar {Perlon}

[16] MOVE D & BENJAMIN BRUNN: Radar {Smallville Records}

[17] MISS KITTEN: Grace – Martinez Bass In Your Face Mix {Nobody’s Bizzness}

[18] BETAMAX WARRIORS: Diode – New Watch {Tide Pool}

An Indomitable Desire For It

Monday, June 30th, 2008


Listen to “An Indomitable Desire For It” Now:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

…or download “An Indomitable Desire For It.”


  1. MISS FITZ: Drifting On {Contexterrior}
  2. DEEPCHORD: Spacecho Dub {echospace [detroit]}
  3. CASSY: Poem {Uzuri}
  4. BVDUB: Untouchable {Night Drive Music}
  5. BEAT PHARMACY: Drifter – Dub Mix {Deep Space Media}
  6. SCREECH: Belle De Jour {Night Drive Music}
  7. DEEPCHORD: Echospace Reform {echospace [detroit]}
  8. NEUROTRON: Close To The Source {Neurotron Music}
  9. KRIS WADSWORTH: Sorta Down {Morris / Audio}
  10. GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS: They Only Come Out At Night – Horror Inc Remix {Musique Risquée}
  11. NEUROTRON: After The Rain {Neurotron Music}
  12. LANGENBERG: Estate {Sthlmaudio Recordings}
  13. THE PER ECKBO ORCHESTRA: Kodo Verano {Oslo}
  14. HENRIK SCHWARZ & AMAMPONDO: I Exist Because Of You (Dixon’s Stripped Down Version) {Innervisions}
  15. PROMPT: Toucan {7noise}
  16. JOSH WINK: Stay Out All Night – Organ Mix {Ovum Recordings}
  17. GREG PARKER: Back To Me {Plastic City}
  18. JORGE SAVORETTI, SEUIL: Fatissimo {igloo-rec} vs.
  19. GREGOR TRESHER: Break New Soil (Daniel Stefanik Remix) {Moon Harbour Recordings}
  20. VLADISLAV DELAYANDY STOTT: Recovery IDea (Andy Stott remix) {Semantica Records}
  21. GREG PARKER: Turn Over {Plastic City}
  22. PEACE DIVISION: Theory {Tsuba Records}
  23. DEEPCHORD: Convextion Remix {echospace [detroit]}